Here you can view the events we have visited and the events we will be present at in the future. Meet us at one of the events to talk about VR or try out our virtual reality experiences. The events will be frequently updated, so you can follow our activities closely!

Our studiomanager Bart Kok can be booked to facilitate demonstrations and training in virtual reality. For more information, please contact us!

VR in real-estate and construction

Roosdom Tijhuis and ArchiVision have been working together for about ten years. According to Roelof Terpstra, it’s a strong bond. “We clearly found each other.”

Oculus Connect 3 in San Jose, CA

In October 2016, The Virtual Dutch Men traveled to the USA to attend Oculus Connect 3. Want to know what the highlights were? Read all about OC3 in this report or watch some summarizing videos!

Virtual Reality Developers Conference

Content creators of virtual reality and augmented reality were (re)united at the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) in San Francisco, California.

Dutch VR Days in Amsterdam

During this conference, we held an keynote about the search for an added value to enhance our virtual reality experiences and a introduced a lot of people to virtual reality via a lot of demo’s.

Steam Dev Days in Seattle, WA

In October 2016, The Virtual Dutch Men traveled to the USA to attend Oculus Connect 3 and the Steam Dev Days. Want to know what the highlights were? Read all about the Steam Dev Days in this report!

VR_MEER: A classic experience

The booth starts to shake and transports the user to a virtual representation of the widely known artwork ‘De Muziekles’ from Johannes Vermeer, a famous Dutch painter.

Topical lecture virtual reality

The Virtual Dutch Men, GBA and De Citadel Rijssen organized a topical lecture about vr on September 15th 2016. Want to know how virtual reality can complement your business? Read all about it!

Pink elephants highlight of BAL!

We created a virtual reality experience for an art project of René van Engelenburg, which was set up in the study of prince Bernhard. It included a pink elephant to sit on to begin the VR experience…

VRBASE major step for VR future

We are proud to unveil that The Virtual Dutch Men will be a part of the VRBASE will unite all VR businesses in Europe. Imagine the possibilities!

BNN Proefkonijnen: gender swap in VR

Social experiments stimulate you to see things differently, this time we took it very literally! ‘BNN Proefkonijnen’ wanted to do a social experiment and VR was the perfect solution to a gender swap!

Virtual reality in the classroom

Virtual reality and education is a perfect combination. We visited a local primary school in Enschede (NL) to give a VR demo to the young students.

Adventures in the U.S.!

We had an amazing experience at the VOID, interesting meet ups at the Game Developers Conference and an intense game spectacle at MMOne’s showroom.

Game Developers Conference 2016

Letting the body speak in VR: we integrated Manus VR Gloves with a Xsens motion capture suit for our VR experience, which we showcased at the GDC 2016.

VR business plans by Avans students

Avans University of Applied Sciences asked us to come up with an educational initiative to create a bridge between learning goals of the students and the corporate market.