Did you know that virtual reality has a growing number of applications? VR is very popular in the gaming industry, but it can be used for many more useful platforms. For instance, training important skills and mimicking real life situations with conditions that are difficult or expensive to reenact in the real world.

We are proud to work for a wide range of customers from different industries. Enjoy some of our best VR experiences we made in the fields of architecture, engineering, events, gaming, exhibitions, health care or training.

VR in real-estate and construction

Roosdom Tijhuis and ArchiVision have been working together for about ten years. According to Roelof Terpstra, it’s a strong bond. “We clearly found each other.”

EUseum: Europe’s VR museum

Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience all the European exhibitions, without having to travel from one country to the other? VR provides the opportunity to step into a new world of art.

Dutch National Archives in 360

Initially we started working on the VR experience ‘Photopolis’ for the National Archives of the Netherlands. They loved the experience so much that the idea of an additional experience was born!

Roto Child Safety Window in VR

Virtual reality is an effective way to experience the potential dangers of opening windows by children. Roto Frank used this technique to inform and convince customers.

Virtual maquette penthouse

A virtual maquette of a penthouse, located in Austria. As you rest your eyes on the beautiful calming hills of Wildschonau you experience the true beauty of this penthouse.