VRBASE.amsterdam major step for VR future

We are proud to unveil that The Virtual Dutch Men will be a part of the VRBASE.amsterdam. There are currently eight startups incorporated at the VRBASE, which includes our company.

Setting up a co-working place with the latest hard- and software for high quality projects means a big step forward for VR in Europe.

“We are very excited to use the VRBASE.amsterdam as our brand new (second) office in the west of The Netherlands. It’s a great opportunity to work with other VR companies so that our clients can experience even better and more complete VR experiences”, says Roelof Terpstra, executive director of The Virtual Dutch Men.

What is VRBASE.amsterdam?

VRBASE.amsterdam basically is an incubator containing a co-working space and an accelerator program, devised by Daniël Doornink, VR pioneer and co-founder of the Dutch VR Days. It will be the very first physical location in Europe that connects all creatives, developers, freelancers and students in the VR and AR business.

The goal is to unite start-ups and existing companies by selecting high potential start-ups for the accelerator program, which includes funding and coaching. The program will be jointly organized by Upload Collective.

Next to the commercial feature described above being one promising feature of the VRBASE, there will also be a creative aspect it, housing a fully-fledged studio and lab to stimulate VR directors, artists, documentary makers, students and creatives to create high quality content that can compete on international level and be presented on events similar to the well-known Sundance or Tribeca film festival.

“From this studio and lab, we will commission projects and support other VR content creators in Europe to set up their projects in the best possible way”, says Daniël Doornink.

Future of VR

Last Sunday, July 3rd, The Virtual Dutch Men attended the successful soft launch of VRBASE.amsterdam. There is still a lot to accomplish before the VRBASE can really launch. At this moment the preparations for a promising start are being made and as of the 1st of September VRBase.amsterdam will kick off with the first batch of the accelerator program and incubator. The creative side of the VRBASE will start with one or more VR projects.

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