Virtual reality in the classroom: learning with VR

Anything is possible in virtual reality: what you can imagine, can be made! We find it important to talk about VR in an educational setting, whether it is with Avans bachelor students or Delft University of Technology students: virtual reality and education is a perfect combination.

This time, our studio manager Bart visited a local primary school in Enschede to give a virtual reality demo to the young students. We value the lively imagination of children and we were curious about their ideas on how they wanted to be educated by VR.

Virtual reality and education

We wanted to introduce children with new technological trends in society, moreover, we wanted to build bridges between education and technology. After all, these students will see how virtual reality will take a flight in the next couple of years. We were curious to see what ideas and opinions the children have about virtual reality in their classroom.

oculus rift demo education virtual reality

Brainstorming students

A small set up in the classroom, with an Oculus Rift VR headset proved to be sufficient. The students were enthusiastic about VR and had some suggestions on how to incorporate virtual reality in their education and effectively use it for learning challenges. We were happy to see that the children were excited about learning with VR and that they got so many ideas!

Suggestions by students

The students were convinced that virtual reality could help them with studying. Students suggested to build a tower made of blocks, to calculate the amount of blocks and the volume of the blocks. Another idea was learning about perspectives and wind directions by making a room that turns. Further, they suggested to learn about topography by making a hot air balloon flight in Virtual Reality.

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