Real-estate & construction uses VR and 3D

The real-estate sector makes extensive use of artist impressions and increasingly of 3D visualizations. Technological developments in this area are moving rapidly. Roosdom Tijhuis has been working with ArchiVision/The Virtual Dutch Men for a long time. Roelof Terpstra’s company has a lot of knowledge and expertise and is a national and international pioneer of virtual presentations. “It’s very important to keep going ahead. Then you can offer clients the latest and greatest innovations. We enable them to utilize smart applications. That provides convenience and efficiency.”

Roelof stood at the cradle of ArchiVision twenty-one years ago, but by now, the company counts sixteen employees. ArchiVision focuses on 3D visualizations: images or animations that can be used to show projects, products or processes for print, campaigns, or websites. “Virtual presentations of objects, projects, and environments are often essential to inform, involve and convince market partners,” stresses Roelof. “The ‘reading board’ with sales brochures at the entrance of Roosdom Tijhuis in Rijssen gives a good picture. We jokingly call it ‘the ArchiVision museum’. These communication methods have the same appearance and size. This also applies to the used artist impressions. It provides professionalism and unity.”

Partnership between ArchiVision & Roosdom Tijhuis

Roosdom Tijhuis and ArchiVision have been working together for about ten years. According to Roelof, it’s a strong bond. “To provide quality at a high level is the aim of both parties. We clearly found each other. The same applies for costumer care. The construction industry is generally quite conservative. It’s not always easy to convince companies of the benefits. Roosdom Tijhuis on the other hand, is progressive and dares to invest in technological possibilities. The focus lies on the customer and the bar is high. You can see that in the Identis-concept, among other things, where processes are structured. But also BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a good example. BIM, or virtual construction, ensures that information is exchanged intelligently and efficiently by the parties involved in a project. It’s transparent and creates clarity. This form of automation ensures ultimate co-operation and reduces failure costs.”

Roosdom Tijhuis realizes projects all across the Netherlands. To guarantee a high quality, they use the knowledge and expertise of their partners. In their company magazine, ‘Fundamenteel’, those partners are introduced. Read about the unique partnership between ArchiVision/The Virtual Dutch Men and Roosdom Tijhuis in this issue of ‘Fundamenteel’ (below, Dutch).