VR business plans created by Avans Students

The Virtual Dutch Men went back to school! But not as students this time. We are used to give advice to external parties about virtual reality experiences, but this time we got advised on business plans for virtual reality. Avans University of Applied Sciences asked us to come up with an educational initiative to create a bridge between learning goals of the students and the corporate market. We value the vision of students on VR, and besides that, we love sharing the technological innovation that is virtual reality.

The challenge

Avans University of Applied Sciences was looking for innovative technological businesses to create a connection between the professional field and their study Advanced Business Creation. The focus of the project was on technology, described by Avans as ‘the pillar of innovation’. Students had the ability to pitch their VR business plans to The Virtual Dutch Men. Our colleagues Bart (studio manager) and Tim (virtual reality developer) and the lecturers assessed the ideas on innovativeness, creativity and feasibility.

The solution

Avans University of Applied Sciences approached us first in May 2015 with the outlines of the project, which got definitive in September 2015. 90 Students worked for three months on their business plans for The Virtual Dutch Men and Ordina. Bart and Tim advised their student groups via Skype and by visiting the university.

The experience

Students presented their VR business plans by videos, pitches and infographics. Students investigated trends of the sector and based their advice on that. Two concepts were valued as the best: virtual reality shops and VR-teaching on secondary education. One of the winnings team presented their concept of teaching in VR on secondary education in chemistry and biology lessons. Students would get the opportunity to step into the body to observe organs and molecules in virtual reality. A basic revenue model was provided for practical implications.

It was interesting to see the innovatory and refreshing business plans of the students. To complete the educational initiative, we invited the two groups to The Virtual Dutch Men VR headquarters to let them experience the HTC Vive in our VR studio and have a chat about the future of VR.

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