Transavia on board VR entertainment

Virtual reality as on board entertainment: a perfect answer to Transavia’s wish of innovative on board entertainment. The Virtual Dutch Men created three unique virtual reality experiences to optimize the on board experience. What better way of entertaining passengers then by taking them into a whole new world, the world of virtual reality!

The challenge

Transavia was looking for digital innovation to optimize the on board experience of passengers. The airline aspires to play a leading role with new products in the airline sector. Our virtual reality experience was able to provide a whole new type of on board entertainment, custom made for Transavia.

Roy Scheerder, Commercial Director of Transavia: “As an airline, we are constantly looking for digital innovations to optimize the on board experience of passengers. This initiative fits our ambition perfectly. We are proud to be one of the first airlines to welcome virtual reality on board!”

The solution

We created three types of entertainment: an airplane cinema, a cockpit tour and a spectacular hang glider experience. We tested the VR experience during a test flight, prior to the two flights where passengers tested it. We expected some ‘drifting’ of the footage since the gyro sensors have a difficulty distinguishing head movements from the movements of the airplane. This was actually less apparent than we initially thought and negligible.

We let the passengers test the virtual experience on board during the second and third flight. Passengers were very excited about the experiences, some passengers with fear of heights got a little nervous in the hang glider experience. We take that as a compliment 😉

The experience

Going to the cinema while flying, sounds neat right? Well, this certainly isn’t an ordinary cinema, since the chairs are airplane seats. Passengers could also take a virtual reality tour in the cockpit of a Boeing 737. That’s not all, the spectacular flight tracker lets passengers see the airline route while flying a hang glider. A big Transavia Boeing passes by to complete the virtual reality experience. Commercial director Roy Scheerder: “The sound of wind and other planes represent the ultimate virtual reality experience.”

Transavia on board VR entertainment

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