Topical lecture virtual reality at De Citadel

On September 15th 2016, De Citadel Rijssen, The Virtual Dutch Men and DWA organized a topical lecture about virtual reality. Bart Kok (TVDM) and Gaby Abdalla (DWA) introduced attendees through the world of virtual communication, concepts, architecture and construction.

“Virtuality will become indispensable in the future”

Imagine walking around an empty building site while already admiring the yet to be build architecture on your phone or watching complex machinery operate on site using augmented reality-goggles and even getting a step by step demonstration on the cleaning process for that machine. Maybe you want to be able to join a business meeting online – interacting with your colleagues in the same virtual environment – while in fact being miles apart from each other.

Music of the future? Not at all. In fact, this has been possible for quite a while now. We from The Virtual Dutch Men and ArchiVision are convinced that virtual reality will be indispensable in the future of architecture, communication, construction, art, sports, concepts and many more platforms. We have been developing applications for virtual reality for several years and are precursors of VR in The Netherlands while more and more foreign clients find their way to us.

On September 15th, our studio manager Bart Kok and Gaby Abdallah from DWA introduced attendees of the topical lecture into the world of virtual reality. DWA is an innovative consultancy office in the field of sustainability, energy and technical installations. Attendees learned how virtual reality can complement your business. Want to know as well? Feel free to contact us!

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