Steam Dev Days in Seattle, WA

After a few days of sightseeing – and processing what we’ve seen at Oculus Connect 3 – it was time to go to the Steam Dev Days!

The Steam Dev Days taught us everything about the latest features Steam has to offer for developers and covered a wide variety of topics that are relevant to PC gaming. Of course this included the most recent subjects like virtual reality, user generated content, Steam hardware initiatives, business and marketing best practices.

One of the key highlights during the conference was being able to test out the latest Steam VR Controller prototype. This prototype was created by Valve Software to test the capability of throwing objects in VR by releasing the controller. Since the controller was strapped to the hand of the user, it allowed the user to fully release the controller without it falling towards the ground.
Another insightful presentation guided us along the latest prototypes Valve is developing in their lab, such as the prototype version of a new Lighthouse base-station that uses a single internal motor, instead of the current two motors it needs to function.

Check out our video below to get an idea of the Steam Dev Days.

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