VR and children’s safety – Roto Child Safety Window

The worst nightmare for parents of all the possible scenarios involving windows, is the thought of their child falling from an upstairs window. Virtual reality is an effective way to experience the potential dangers of opening windows by children. Roto Frank used this technique to inform and convince customers: “We want to reflect how Roto is innovative and up to date with the latest ideas and technology”, explains Marketing Specialist Caroline Berrens.

The challenge

Roto Frank was looking for an entertaining product presentation at an exhibition, that would stand out from other companies which were present. The main goal was to represent the special feature of the window: a special handle that restricts the opening of the window in certain situations, so that children are unable to climb out. The experience illustrated a children’s bedroom that shows the necessity of the Roto Child Safety Window.

Marketing Manager Ferry van Wezel: “It really is amazing. When I first put on the virtual reality headset and stepped inside, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. But I have to say, it is very, very impressive. Anyone who gets the chance should try it.”

The solution

For the occasion we created a virtual reality experience where users can gain understanding of the possible dangers of children opening windows themselves. At first, the users are welcomed into a white room, where a short introduction of the virtual experience is given. The user then changes places into being a child that is exploring the room, and wants to open the window. The experience was showcased at the Polyclose exhibition in Ghent, Belgium.

The experience

During the course of the experience a children’s bedroom is built around the user, part by part. The room is then decorated with a bed, toys, a teddy bear and a window. After the build up is complete, the actual experience begins. “Imagine yourself being a child discovering the room and taking a look at the window. The world outside is very interesting for children, you might see a friend playing outside on the street and opening the window is quite easy.” The window opens fully and the user can see the incredible height. Suddenly an ambulance enters the street… something could have gone terribly wrong!

The scenery disappears and the Roto Child Safety Window is placed in the virtual space. The user is dictated to open the window again. However, the infant can only tilt the window, so that potential danger is averted. Roto Frank – and the visitors at the exhibition – were impressed and very enthusiastic about the virtual reality experience!

Roto Child Safe Window VR experience

Eddy Evens (CIO of Lecot) about the VR experience - watch at 00.23

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