Showcasing a unique collaboration: Xsens, Manus and The Virtual Dutch Men

We showcased a unique experiment at the Game Developers Conference 2016 in San Fransisco! It started off as a wild idea: a true Dutch technological treat, established from a great collaboration! Curious already?

Dutch technological treat

Motion capture suits are great for recording movements for use in 3D environments, such as movies and games. However, a full body motion tracking suit, including hands is quite rare. When presented with the opportunity to combine the Manus VR Gloves with a Xsens Motion capture suit to create a responsive full body solution, we thought of a nice experiment how to incorporate this technology in to a VR experience. This resulted in an intuitive experience where body and hands simultaneously respond to the movements of the user. By using full 3D motion tracking technology, the user could potentially feel more immersed and present in the VR experience.

Hardware meets software

To implement hand tracking, a Manus VR Development Kit was provided. These gloves are specifically designed for use in Virtual Reality. The gloves are able to track individual finger movements, by using a combination of high-quality sensors.

The motion capture suit from Xsens is able to track body movements by using a fusion of an array of sensors that register body motion. Our developers experimented with the full integration of the suit and gloves and implemented it into our custom made Virtual Reality experiment!

This experiment will let users see and experience a whole new level of interaction in VR. Geared up with a virtual weapon which is controlled by hand gestures, moving and interacting in the Virtual Reality experience feels both natural and intuitive.

Challenging the Virtual Dutch Men’ developers

The experiment was twofold: a full integration of the Xsens suit and Manus VR gloves, as well as the development of a custom made Virtual Reality concept for this experiment. We started off with the alignment of the different types of software output: this was established by programming, as well as a SDK that was provided with the Manus VR gloves. By this, the Manus gloves were parented to the virtual arms of the Xsens motion capture suit.

Full body capturing – VR possibilities

Not only do we see opportunities for full body motion capturing, it also shows the ease and joy of natural movement and interaction in a virtual world. This contributes to a more immersive experience, thus enhancing the feeling of presence.

We enjoyed experimenting with this set up, just as we enjoy creating Virtual Reality experiences. Are you interested in seeing what VR can do for your business? Contact us via @virtualdutchmen or email us at !

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