EUseum: Europe’s virtual reality museum

Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience all the European exhibitions in one central place, without the need to travel from one country to the other? That would save you a lot of money on airline tickets! Being able to have access to art on demand from the whole world, sounds like a dream to every museum, gallery, library and archive. Virtual reality provides the opportunity to step into a whole new world of art, without the need of ever leaving the house. For this we created the museum of the future: ‘EUseum’!

The challenge

We were approached by the Europeana Foundation, which is a collaboration of European cultural institutions, to create a fictional virtual museum, called ‘EUseum’. The innovative and interactive way of experiencing art through the power of VR, is different from any other museum exhibition. Visiting a virtual museum on demand, from all over the world, at any place or any time. We made it possible!

‘EUseum’ and Europeana could provide a gateway through which the world accesses the cultural sector of Europe, and can continue to be the meeting point where national museums can start sharing collections as Europeans.

The solution

We created a virtual museum, enriched with art of the greatest, such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. By using a virtual reality headset you can experience art like you’ve never experienced it before, while sitting comfortably in your own chair. Imagine you could visit Rembrandt’s work place at the same moment that he is painting the ‘Night Watch’. Or having the luxury of creating your own private exhibition. There is only you and the virtual environment of the museum, no distractions and no more queues! Virtual reality provides great opportunities for museums and its visitors all around the world.

The experience

The ‘EUseum’ immerses you into the virtual world of museums, galleries and archives. The experience lets you feel as if you are in an actual museum, seeing the exhibition in a crisp and realistic way with the Oculus Rift DK2. Users are able to navigate through the museum by using an Xbox controller, similar to the Photopolis experience.

Europeana sees a potential in the ‘EUseum’, contributing to cultural integration within the European borders. This shows that the ‘EUseum’ is more than just a virtual museum, it helps presenting a more identifiable face of the European Union, by culturally promoting Europe.

Download the ‘EUseum’

Got an Oculus Rift? Experience the art of the greatest, while sitting comfortably in your own chair! There is only you and the virtual environment of the museum, no distractions and no more queues!


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