360 degree capture of the Dutch National Archives

Initially we started working on the VR experience ‘Photopolis’ for the National Archives of the Netherlands. They loved the experience so much that the idea of an additional experience was born! Since the Dutch National Archives digitalizes footage, we proposed to digitalize their exhibition ‘Eye catchers’ in a 360-degree experience. The exhibition consists out of 450 photographs, taken by known and less known photographers.

The challenge

We had a flash of insight during the launch of the VR experience ‘Photopolis’: why not archive the existing exhibition as a 360-degree interactive experience? We thought that this idea might aspire to the Dutch Archives as they love to digitalize and archive existing material. Not surprisingly, it was a hit straight away! This collaboration with the Dutch National Archive completed the circle: first creating Photopolis and afterwards providing the virtual 360-degree tour.

The solution

To create the virtual environment we utilized a Matterport Scanner to scan the exhibition, which provided 360-degree photo realistic footage aswell as a full fletched 3D model. We were able to scan the full exhibition in high quality by choosing specific predetermined scanning positions. Normally we would create a virtual reality environment from scratch, by modeling and programming it, so using this technique was quite different but astonishingly convenient.

The experience

The photographs of the exhibition tell a story and show the development in photography throughout the years in a playful way. Using our virtual reality tour, people are able to take a look at the exhibition from several unique locations and perspectives. We made sure the virtual pictures of the exhibition are crisp and rich in details, giving it the clean and realistic representation that it deserves. A nice little detail: you can see the setup of the VR-experience Photopolis included in the virtual exhibition as well!

Curious about this experience? Take a virtual 360 tour of the Dutch National Archive below!

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