Dutch National Archives: Installation and configuration of the VR experience

We usually review finished projects as a whole, this time however, we will give you a look behind the scenes: installing our Virtual Reality tour for the exhibition ‘Blikvangers’. Not only do we develop Virtual Reality experiences using our 3D software, we also provide full support by installing the experience on site, recommend PC hardware setups, or even provide hardware. This way, the only thing our customer has to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the VR experience!

Dutch National Archives

We travelled to the Dutch National Archives in The Hague (NL) to install the Virtual Reality tour. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they crafted a special custom made VR setup near the entrance of their exhibition. We already provided them two Virtual Reality experiences: ‘Photopolis’ and ‘Blikvangers’. Because they’ve received positive feedback on these experiences, they wanted to do a follow up of their exhibition ‘Blikvangers’.

Dutch National Archive VR exhibition set up2

Installing the Virtual Reality experience

First we started with installing the experience on the PC and made sure that all the settings were correct. It was important to make the setup user friendly so that the hosts can start and use it easily when presenting the experience to the guests. We integrated a start-up screen, to show the possibilities for choosing the exhibition ‘Blikvangers’ or ‘Photopolis’. When everything was prepared, we tested the experience to check if everything worked as intended.

Immersive VR experience

We created an immersive VR experience of the already existing 360-degree experience of ‘Blikvangers’ to take their guests on an even more intense exhibition tour with the Oculus Rift VR headset, where guests can navigate freely through the exhibitions by using the game controller. A narrator informs the user with background information on pictures and photographers.

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