Driving under influence in virtual reality

Virtual reality applied as a learning experience. The result: a powerful education method. We created the VR experience ‘3D Tripping’ that lets students feel how it is to drive under influence in VR. Seeing and experiencing the effects of drugs is a great way of starting the conversation and creating awareness of the potential dangers.

The challenge

The Virtual Dutch Men created a virtual reality experience for the campaign of Responsible Young Drivers. RYD was looking for an experience that is appealing to their target group: students of the age of 16 to 24 years. The goal is to create awareness of the risks of driving under influence.

The solution

Intoxicating young people and letting them drive a car to educate them about the potential dangers of driving under influence doesn’t sound correct, right? Well, we at the Virtual Dutch Men did take them on an intoxicated ride! In virtual reality of course. Students will take a seat in the simulator and then select the type of (soft) drugs that they want to take: alcohol, XTC, magic mushrooms or cannabis.

The experience

The driving experience is altered to the type of drugs that is taken, to experience the effect of driving under influence. The virtual experience starts at the club where drugs or alcohol is taken, after that, the driver heads home while being intoxicated. Bystanders are able to watch the trip on a second screen to see how the ‘intoxicated’ driver is doing.

Virtual reality on festivals

Responsible Young Drivers use this virtual reality experience to trigger and additionally start the conversation about driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To do this, they visit festivals, events and schools across the Netherlands with this VR experience to educate students.

3D Tripping VR Experience

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