BNN Proefkonijnen gender swap in VR

Social experiments stimulate you to see things differently, this time we took it very literally! The presenters of ‘BNN Proefkonijnen’ of broadcast BNN wanted to do a social experiment and a gender swap in VR was the best way to do so!

3…2…1… action!

The film set was at the VRbase at the ‘Marineterrein Amsterdam’ in an industrial building, which was great for filming the item. We custom made a setup with two cameras on the front of the VR headset. The cameras project the point of view of the woman to the man’s virtual reality headset and vice versa. So when Geraldine Kemper looked at her body, Jan Versteegh saw her body as it was his.

BNN Proefkonijnen Oculus Rift VR

Man or woman?

The presenters did different activities and synchronized their movements while doing this, to make the illusion even more realistic. They got used to the headset and the idea of looking with the eyes of the other. Next, they sat down, facing each other and (tried) doing movements simultaneously. Lastly, they looked at a mirror, so that they could see their ‘opposite sex’ body in total.

BNN Proefkonijnen Gender Swap Geraldine Jan

It was a really interesting day, experimenting with the Oculus Rifts at the film set of ‘Proefkonijnen’! This remembers us of other VR experiences such as another experience for ‘Proefkonijnen’ and the ‘Parkinsons experience’.

Watch the fragment here (Dutch):

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